IT Project & Consultancy

IT Project & Consultancy


Our project & consultancy services are intended for those clients who require some strategic, technical or operational expertise in order to help them best leverage their investment in, or utilisation of, their IT.

It could be that your network has grown substantially over the years and it needs consolidating or simply mapping properly. It could be that you are planning a new CRM, ERP or BI solution and want some expert advice. Perhaps you’re in need of a strategic IT roadmap to help meet your commercial or operational objectives over the next few years, or maybe you’re planning a move to the cloud but aren’t sure how best to go about it. You might even be fairly confident that you are doing the right things, but want an independent opinion to ensure you are getting the best value from your IT investment.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of IT systems to a business’ smooth operation in the future, so we put together a five-year plan, building a consistent vision to ensure a minimum of upheaval as your systems create your unique plan and develop a clear technical roadmap for any project.

You can rely on us to be:

  • Proactive, ensuring that we anticipate and minimise risk
  • Responsive, minimising impact, and saving money
  • Impartial and objective: we develop a plan to suit your needs, not ours
  • Adaptive, helping your business grow
  • Cost-effective, on time, and on budget

Intelsoft is focused on providing first class consultancy services, from project management to application and technical consultancy. We have a skilled and dedicated team with a proven track record of delivering complex IT projects at very competitive prices. Whether you’re planning for a new deployment or upgrading your existing infrastructure, our IT consultants are available to:

  • Review your current systems and prepare a gap analysis to address areas in which current performance falls short of your objectives.
  • Prepare and agree project plans, and assist with the deployment of systems, including standardising methods to control, measure, and monitor project progress.
  • Engage with software authors and partners to confirm how their requirements can be met, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page by coordinating meetings and demonstrations to provide proof of concept.
  • Act on behalf of the organisation to deliver a successful project at a very competitive price.


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