About IntelSoft

28Jun, 2020

Intelsoft has revolutionised the way IT providers operate by becoming the first employee-owned Managed Service Provider in Nigeria. Innovative and customer-focused, Intelsoft install, maintain and support essential business technology for successful organisations throughout the Nigeria.  We live and breathe our core values, and it’s our goal to make life with technology easier for our clients.

We believe in helping companies become profitable, making each day productive and stress free by creating a healthy IT system.

To us a healthy working environment is having IT that just works and knowing that there is a caring team at the end of the phone if something goes wrong. Productivity is enhanced when your IT works for you not the other way round. If something does go wrong, causing frustration, good communication is vital.

Founded in 2018 by Cedar Chinwuba, the company now serves small and medium business, predominantly in Lagos and Abuja.

Our comprehensive list of services includes  Consultancy, Projects & Installations, Cloud, Connectivity,  Disaster Recovery, Telephony and IT Security. We also procure and manage software and hardware solutions on our client’s behalf, empowering their businesses and making life with technology easier.

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